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"We must become the change we want to see."

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Daniel (zorander22) and Austin (alfadir) have created this community, Terrophany, to accomplish a single goal - to promote protection of the environment and the Earth, and to promote a ecologically sensitive and harmonious lifestyle. The community is open for anyone to join, though our own locations will make our initial efforts centred around the Greater Toronto Area. The word 'terrophany' is in fact a neologism, intended to convey our purpose within a single word. It means, literally, "the manifestation of the Earth", or "the revealing of the Earth", and was (insofar as we know) first used, or at least first used online, by Austin. It is actually taken from another neologism invented by the author Kim Stanley Robinson, in his book 'Red Mars', of the 'areophany' - the concept of living harmoniously with the planet Mars.

If you have any environmental concerns, or would just like more information, feel free to email us at terrophany@gmail.com, or join us and leave a comment.

Our mission statement:

The purpose of Terrophany is to facilitate environmental activism on all levels, whether it be tips on how to have an environmentally friendly lifestyle while in Res, organizing park clean-ups, or through petitioning politicians to change critical laws. The Earth is filled with complex and diverse life; a vast array of organisms of which humanity is a small yet influential group. If we hope to protect that life now, and for the future, we must act immediately to reduce or reverse the many ways in which we negatively affect our planet.

Every individual can make a contribution, and every contribution matters - join Terrophany, and help us make that difference.

Make a difference online with these sites:

The Rainforest Site
The Ecology Fund

By clicking on all of the links shown on these sites, you benefit several different environmental efforts! Click today, and click everyday!

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